It’s been a while since we dipped into the film archive, so the time has come to rectify that. For the complete list of reviews pop over to the Shorts page. Places everyone! And…Action!

One for the Money (2012) – After years of anticipation Janet Evanovich’s bounty hunter comes to the big screen and is not a plum worth picking. (2) – 5/23/12

Happy Feet (2006) – Box office animated smash left me cold. (2) – 5/23/12

Wall Street (1987) – Sure this 80’s morality tale wears thin, but Douglas’ signature performance ultimately results in a bull market. (3) – 5/23/12  

30: Minutes or Less (2011) – From pizza deliverer to bank robber and all I see looking at Jesse Eisenberg is Facebook. (3) – 5/23/12

To Kill a Mockingbird (1962) – If you want to know about dignity all you have to do is watch the grace of Attikus Finch. (4) – 5/23/12

Moneyball (2011) – Better than expected story about underdogs playing the percentages touches all the bases. (3½) – 5/23/12

Ed Wood (1994) – The perfect merging of Burton’s singular vision and Depp’s endless ability results in their finest film together. (4) – 5/23/12

50 First Dates (2004) – More likable than it has any right to be this fantasy romance wraps you in tropical breezes. (3) – 5/23/12

Earthquake (1974) – Disaster film in every way possible. (1) – 5/23/12

Radio Days (1987) – Despite no central narrative this warm remembrance of 1940’s life in Rockaway tops the hit parade. (4) – 5/23/12

  1. […] my fair Texanaskitchen, for I love thee just as much as I love each of my subscribers except for Trask Avenue, for he was my first and my first will always hold a special place in mine […]


  2. “Snort!” Love your Shorts. No, not the one you’re wearing.


  3. rangewriter says:

    To Kill a Mockingbird is my all time favorite movie….and book.


  4. Kana Tyler says:

    50 First Dates makes us “homesick” for the Islands every time. (But then, as Keoni says, he only misses Hawai’i “on the days that end in ‘A-Y'”…) Our youngest kiddo finishes second grade this week, which (given the “anchor” of the joint-custody schedule) puts us at Ten Years on the countdown-till-we’re-free-to-move-back to that acre awaiting us on the Big Island… 😉


  5. surroundedbyimbeciles says:

    50 First Dates is good the first 49 times your female companion makes you watch it.


  6. sparklebumps says:

    I agree on One For the Money! I had someone tell me I would have been a perfect Stephanie Plum…


  7. Good reviews, although I tried watching Ed Wood and couldn’t. To Kill A Mockingbird: One of the best films, ever.


  8. Most excellent short reviews – I agree with all but four and three of those I haven’t seen but may based upon your brief reviews!


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