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John Ruskin was a prominent Victorian era figure in England. He was, in turns, a writer, art critic, artist, social critic, thinker and philanthropist. Many of his social reform concepts were put into practice in the decades following his death including The National Trust, universal health care, pensions for manual laborers, and progressive (more…)

I was leafing through my digital photo files as one with digital photo files tends to do when I happened upon the thing above created sometime during Dubya’s Reign of Mispronunciation. When I first began diddling with photography back in the olden days of aught 5 I quickly became enamored with the various hoo-ha’s and dimwhittles available in your basic photo editing software packages. (Or was it aught 4? Maybe aught 3? I ought to know, but I asking me to remember that far back is like (more…)

You have a germ of an idea, a germlet really, and start writing. Suddenly it’s as if the all the powers of the universe converged on you and you alone. Inspiration is swift and relentless. You begin to type furiously. Words come from you like 1,000 arrows from 1,000 bows. Oh, you can feel (more…)

rebirth and art

Posted: November 28, 2011 in Humorous Bits
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One innocuous morning you are happily singing along with your favorite Jimmy Buffet tune when it hits you. You’re living the life of a stranger. You’re not a pirate at 40; you’re not even a pirate. You’re an accountant or lawyer or sanitation worker or cop. Far worse, you are at the mercy of everything swirling around you, everything imposed on you by those who are not you. It’s a jarring and life-altering moment, one demanding contemplation and correction.

You scuttle off disoriented to your den, that private retreat where poisons purge from your body, where your spirit (more…)