Common Threads

On Flickr I belong to a group called The Common Threads Project. The project identified 78 universal human behaviors and traits which “bridge the divides of gender, race, creed, culture and class.” People are encouraged to post photographs illustrating these traits. It’s a cool idea which embodies our commonalities in effective and occasionally powerful ways.

I’m adopting the list for writing purposes, using it as a springboard for essays. Where each piece eventually meanders is a mystery, but I’ll slog through until I’ve written something for all 78.

(01) Smiling
(02) Crying
(03) Customary Greetings
(04) Body Adornment
(05) Sexual Modesty
(06) Playthings – Toys
(07) Marriage
(08) Weaving-Intertwining
(09) Gift Giving
(10) Economic Inequalities
(11) Language Employed to Manipulate Others
(12) Anticipation
(13) Hairstyles
(14) Decorative Art (not on body)
(15) Tools
(16) Thumb Sucking

  1. […] There’s nothing remotely funny about SGG seeing how it is all from the heart and stuff. So not much to say other than it is as nice to give as receive in any SGG situation. Makes one all gooey inside is what it does. ———- Learn more about The Common Threads Project. […]


  2. rangewriter says:

    Well how cool is this? I wonder where I’ve been because I’ve missed this whole segment of your stuff. I have some catching up to do.


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