The Trask Avenue attic resembles the warehouse at the end of Citizen Kane, albiet on a slightly smaller scale. There’s simply a bunch of stuff stored and tucked away. The difference is it is not cataloged in any meaningful way which is our polite way of saying it is not cataloged at all. Our professional staff of rummagers spend their days sifting through it in search of hidden treasures. Occasionally, they happen upon something of interest. When they do we share it here. Listed below are their discoveries to date. Now if you’ll excuse us, the Smithsonian is calling.

To-do list of Jesus of Nazareth (undated)

The Young Girl and the Bears, Ernest Hemingway (approx. 1928)

John Ringling to Harry Houdini (1893)
Jean Lannes to Napoleon Bonaparte (1809)

Ringo Starr, announcement of his candidacy for British Prime Minister (1970)
Lou Gehrig, “Lou Gehrig Appreciation Day” (early draft) (1939)

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