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Posted: August 29, 2011 in Photography, Travel
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We recently went to England, more specifically West Yorkshire, on holiday. It was our second extended trip there since October and I’m quite certain not our last. With family living in Ilkley, a small, somewhat prosperous town smack in the middle of Brontë Country, we’re pretty much rooted there. You know Brontë Country. Windswept moors. Narrow, steep footpaths. Hard earned wisdom seeping through every wall. Men named Heathcliff. That sort of thing. Daytrips have landed us in old, old, old cities such as York, Liverpool, Durham and Bradford. We’ve climbed the moor, skipped deep into the Dales, and hiked through fields and pastures too green to be believed. That may sound like a healthy variety of activities but, truth be told, we’ve barely scratched the surface.

There’s a lot to love about Britain – the people, their deeply rooted sense of history and culture, the strange feeling (as an American) of familiarity, the stunning landscapes and cityscapes. All of these make for a great vacation. They also coalesce into a wealth of photo opportunities. For me that is simply icing on an already generous cake. I step off the plane and my photo juju is immediately rejuvenated.  How could it not be? You can’t walk 20 feet without wanting to photograph something. That is if you enjoy taking photos.

I’m still in the process of combing through the 1,200+ snaps from a month ago. In the interim, here’s a sampling of a few of my personal favorites from these two visits. Hope you enjoy!

old man in front of church

bridge over the river wharfe, burnsall

house at the base of the ilkley moor

football in the park

storm clouds over the dales

minster yard, york

  1. rangewriter says:

    This is a lovely small collection. You got a bit of human interaction along with some stellar sky and landscape.


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