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Posted: November 3, 2011 in Photography
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Beauty fades, or so they claim. It slowly melts away leaving nothing more than a bittersweet memory. While attitudes about what constitutes beauty change with the times, the belief its existence is always a temporary phenomenon remains prevalent. This mindset is fixated on the new, the young and, occasionally, the different. It often dismisses arbitrarily and remains harsh in its judgments. By refusing to break free from popular notions wonderful opportunities to see overwhelming elegance with every glance disappear. Instead, this mentality ensures whatever is of the moment becomes indexed and filed like a legal brief.

Fortunately, beauty doesn’t fade; it evolves. It regenerates from one perception to the next, continually transforming throughout the entire lifecycle. To spot it in the obvious is easy. To appreciate beauty in the faded or tarnished, in the ravished or abused, requires a different sensibility. And to embrace it requires an open heart. It’s through these unlikely manifestations that everything becomes fully illuminated.

  1. whiteladyinthehood says:

    I was really drawn to the pic with the yellow recliner…I looked at that one for a long time…I like how you wrote about finding beauty in something ravished and abused takes an open heart. Mr. John, I just like you more and more. I think you may have inspired me to grab my camera – they are bull dozing away down here…I’m too scared to think it may be progress – they’ve whispered about ‘revamping’ this area before…but there are some really cool old buildings around here – maybe I should take a snap before they are all gone….


    • John says:

      Yes! Grab your camera! Right now!

      Sometime people ask me why I’m taking a photograph of this or that, something which may not hold much visual interest. Well someday that thing will either be very different or completely gone. I always try to keep in my mind that today’s commonplace will be tomorrow’s history.


  2. Well said and documented! You have a good eye for composition.


  3. O.K. Now it’s disturbing in a sad way. Poor Tillie. Where is Tillie now?


    • John says:

      The Tillie up there ^^^^^ is still on the exterior wall of the Wonder Bar is Asbury Park, at least I think so! The pic is a couple of years old. I may have to go check!


  4. joem18b says:

    do you suppose that beauty and ugliness are symmetrical, or are they simply two totally different, unconnected yet sometimes overlapping, aspects of reality?


  5. I agree . . . beauty is an evolutionary process.


  6. sparklebumps says:

    I want to live where you live, because it’s really pretty there…


  7. Have I mentioned how much I love, love your photos? Although the WB one is slightly disturbing…


  8. Simply beautiful……


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