man in the mirror

Posted: December 2, 2011 in Traskland


Since I joined Flickr in 2006 I’ve taken a self-portrait shot standing in front of a mirror every December 2. There’s no significance to the date or mirror. It’s not anything I planned. It’s just happened and has now become a moral imperative. So this morning once I was dressed (but still barely awake) I grabbed the trusty Nikon, found a suitable mirror, and performed my obligation.

Happy December 2 everyone!

  1. Well hello John. It’s always nice to have a face to go with the “voice.”


  2. whiteladyinthehood says:

    Very nice!!!


  3. Happy photographic anniversary! I’ll celebrate by giving you the 7×7 Award. Congrats.


  4. somebody says:

    Great idea, but I don’t feel photogenic enough to try that myself.


  5. This looks so much like “The author in his home” or “the statesman before a meeting with heads of state” – nicely done, and makes you looked distinguished. I’d hit that. So to speak.


  6. Happy Dec 2 to you, too–I still don’t have the nerve to post a picture of myself on my blog but I like the idea of this– perhaps I’ll try a self-portrait.


  7. sparklebumps says:

    Very handsome. I love self portraits! That is the reason Frida Kahlo is my favorite artist, because she painted so many of them.


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