Trifextra – “restoration”

Posted: April 6, 2012 in Fiction
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This week’s Trifextra challenge is to write a piece between 33 and 333 words using the three words listed below. The words must each appear in the piece in the order given.

1 – cacophony
2 – soap
3 – insects

As prescribed Leslie left her office at exactly 6:00. She headed downtown on Lexington, turning right on 40th. She walked up Murray Hill, across Park and Madison, and reached 5th Avenue. As was her custom she paused for a moment before continuing her journey.

The April air was crisp. In the distance the trees in Bryant Park were starting to bloom and across the street the famous twin lions guarded the library. She envied the patrons nestled inside this iconic landmark, blissfully sheltered from the cacophony of the streets.

Looking down 5th Leslie saw the antenna atop the Empire State Building, her destination. She remembered when most of the building was visible from where she stood, but newer less elegant structures stole that away. A sudden gust whipped through, erasing her brief melancholy and cleansing her better than the finest soap in the world.

Over the years the price to go to the 102nd floor skyrocketed, but she didn’t care. Leslie bought her ticket, feeling especially fortunate. The sky was clear; the view would be exceptional. Once on the observation deck she retreated to a corner. Unlike the tourists she stayed rooted to one spot. The next 30 minutes were all hers.

She marveled at the parade of buildings and imagined people inside were looking at her. She gazed at the East River and beyond. To the west the sun was setting fast over the Watchung Mountains, but tiny flecks of gold still danced off the Hudson. She looked down to the street. People always claimed pedestrians resembled insects from up here, but she never saw that. What always struck her was the sea of yellow, the mighty forces of the Taxicab Army hard at work.

23 years ago when Leslie decided prescription meds were not the answer to her stressful life, she began her Friday pilgrimages. Standing on top of the city, humbled by its majesty, provided her with perspective and restored her like no pill ever could.

  1. Good on her. That is all.


  2. Trifecta says:

    Thanks for linking up this weekend. We hope you can come back for the weekday challenge too. Remember to check out our Facebook and Twitter pages for news on what’s happening on the site.


  3. Hopefully the comment takes. I felt like those introductory descriptions, where she’s following a specific route, and looking at the famous New York Library, created a perfect image of New York. Madame Syntax wishes me to tell you that introductory clauses like “As prescribed” and “As was her custom” should be followed with a comma. And I liked the way she literally left her stresses behind her. Or below her.


  4. booguloo says:

    What a great way of bringing yourself down into reality.


  5. jannatwrites says:

    I’ve never been to NY, but it feels like I have after this glimpse. I like that she found a way to manage her stress.


  6. MOV says:

    great piece! love!



  7. Amanda says:

    Very enjoyable reading! I agree about the use of insects – as people not resembling them. It was refreshing viewing the city vicariously through Leslie, and I really liked your word choices throughout – nice flow.


  8. Enjoyed travelling with Leslie.


  9. That was beautiful, brisk, as if I was with her on this trip.


  10. barbara says:

    I love the idea of a peaceful refuge high above all else.


  11. Yep. Nice way to dodge the insect cliche.


  12. I felt like I was there with her, looking out from the Empire State Building. I was expecting the people look like insects line, but liked that your character didn’t see it that way. Nicely done, John.


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