Trifextra – “rochambeau: standoff”

Posted: April 27, 2012 in Fiction
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This weekend’s Trifextra challenge: Take a scene which involves (or affects) at least three people. Write this scene from the point of view of three of the characters, using 33 words for each.

Note: Although I’m using three characters, they are not people. So be it.

Rochambeau: Standoff
Pretending a gust of wind is floating you haphazardly in my direction? Seriously? That’s not going to work, Paperboy. Now if only this phony stretch and exaggerated stumble can catch Scissors off guard…

I’m too quick, too nimble for old man Scissors. Everyone knows it. I need to remember my training. Stay light, stay aloft and swoop fast! “Dumb as a rock” isn’t just an expression…

Size is my advantage. That clumsy, nearsighted Rock lacks the precision needed to crush me. And for all his flexibility Paper forgets he is the biggest target. Fools! Right now timing is everything…

  1. karen says:

    I never did get this game … but my children excel at it, apparently. Great take on the prompt!


  2. Christine says:

    Very creative, and a totally unexpected take on the prompt.


  3. Jester Queen says:

    Oh that was great – I loved the personification of ideas in a game!!!


  4. Rachael says:

    Good job! I really enjoyed this!


  5. This game is still one of the principal decision-making tools in my life. What’s that? Yes, I AM being serious.

    I love your take on this one. For the record, I knew I would before I read it. 🙂


  6. There’s a lot of strategy to a child’s game, isn’t there? I love that you tagged it “war.”


  7. Mel says:

    This is perfect! What a great take on this. So clever to use these 3 things.


  8. whiteladyinthehood says:

    You are very creative. Loved this game as a kid.


  9. trifectawriting says:

    Thanks for linking up to Trifextra this weekend. I love your creative response to the prompt. My kids have just learned the game. I feel like a fraud telling them that paper beats rock. 🙂 Hope to see you back again soon.


  10. Interesting take, love abandoning people and taking on the respective braggadocio of the timeless Rock, Paper, and Scissors. Peace, Amy Barlow Liberatore


  11. jannatwrites says:

    I enjoyed reading this – fun take on the challenge!


  12. Amy says:

    great laugh!

    PS” So glad someone else calls it rochambeau! People at my work think I’m crazy!


  13. barbara says:

    laughing!!! great take on the prompt


  14. I LOVE this! Very imaginative. Great perspective!


  15. Tara R. says:

    This was hilarious! A wonderfully creative response to the prompt.


  16. Brilliant! Yes, three points of view that captures the spirit of the game. Bravo!


  17. Gina says:

    Scissors wins this!


  18. Very cool take on the challenge!


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