For many years the clock buttressing the Colgate factory in downtown Jersey City was the sole impressive sight when folks in Manhattan looked across the river towards New Jersey. Over the past 25 years or so that has changed with the construction of looming office towers and residential buildings where there once stood rotting docks and remnants of the Industrial Revolution. However, even though the soap factory is no more the clock remains. With the Empire State Building beckoning across the Hudson, reminders of the seemingly long-gone past still grace both cities.

  1. Cool picture. It seems more shades of gray than black and white and yet there is such a sharpness to it. I like it.


    • John says:

      I’m helpless in the face of gray and gritty urban photos. Helpless I tell ya!


      • I don’t know if you have ever developed and printed your own photos, but this photo reminded me of the effect you could get using “soft” paper versus “hard” paper. (I never knew there was such a thing as hard and soft paper until I took a black & white photography class in college.)


  2. mysterycoach says:

    That’s something I don’t really remember…


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