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Today is the anniversary of Sandy hitting the light, also referred to in some quarters as “birthday.” She shares this special day with Cheryl Ladd (though Cheryl is older), Jay Thomas (older still), Richard Simmons (even older still) and Bill Cosby (even even older still). To commemorate this auspicious occasion a number of her blog people (well, five) have conspired to construct this domino of birth anniversary posts. All of us (well, five) are tasked with discussing Sandy’s Nifty qualities as represented by the letters in her name. I got N. I would have preferred A, but all the A’s were taken by the time the blogging caravan rolled around to me. At least I didn’t get Y. So there’s that.

Not Normal – Read anything written by Sandy and you immediately realize she is Not Normal. You could say she is to Not Normalness what Starsky is to Hutch, Jack to Jill, Ben to Jerry, Milli to Vanilli, Dolce to Gabana. She wears her Not Normaldom proudly is what she does. You cannot plan for this level of Not Normaltude which, for her, is just as well. You may think I’ve misjudged her, but believe me when I say I haven’t. She ain’t right.

Nimble – Not Russian gymnast nimble, although Sandy is the right size for gymnastic glory or a whirl as a jockey. Rather she is mentally nimble, hand-springing her way through the corridors of tangential observations in a manner that would impress Dennis Miller. It seems as if there is no subject her nimblistic self will not tackle. Whether she’s talking about life’s adventures or holiday wish lists you can be assured of one thing – wherever she cartwheels you will happily tumble along. Even if you are unsure where it will ultimately lead.

Naked – You’ll see this word in many a Sandy post, but don’t assume what follows is what you might imagine. She gets all up in the Naked when offering the world her insightful and circuitous blog writing tips. The tips aren’t circuitous, just the path leading to them. Remember, in Sandy’s world the concept of Naked is not what you immediately think. Or is it?

Noteworthy – Finally, we have Noteworthy. Of course Sandy is Noteworthy. Why else would the rest of us (well, five) take the time to compose this special birth anniversary post? So when we say she’s Noteworthy take our word for it. If you are the untrusting type, the type that cannot take our word for it, then let me lay a few more adjectives on you. She’s also blonde, poetic, funny and creative. Since none of those descriptors start with S, A, N, D or Y, yet fit so well into the Sandy mold, it is perfectly acceptable I co-opt them under the guise of Noteworthy.

Here’s the thing about Sandy. Exploring her blog is like diving into uncharted territory in search of El Dorado. However, unlike the futile quests to find the legendary City of Gold, here you are guaranteed to find gold on every path. And that ain’t no jive, turkey.

If you are following the bouncing post proceed with all due caution to D, as presented by Edward Hotspur.

If you happened upon this post out of sequence and wish to properly follow the letters in sequential order do the clicky thing below.

S – As presented by El Guapo
A – As presented by KayJai
N – You are already there, chief. If this is news to you it is time to lay off the 5 cocktail lunches.
D – As presented by Edward Hotspur
Y – As presented by Hellis

Oh yes, one final thought. Happy birthday, Sandy!

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  2. El Guapo says:

    All the News to silence the Naysayers!
    Though I doubt Sandy has any of those.


  3. What a nifty narration honoring moi and you did it without being nonsensical! Thank you so much, John!


  4. kayjai says:

    Quite a noble narration of our Sandy! Well done, John! Happy B-day Sandy!!


  5. aFrankAngle says:

    Good planning by the team – Happy Birthday Sandy.


  6. H.E. ELLIS says:

    Sandy is NEET-O!

    Wow. N is harder than I thought.


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