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Posted: November 20, 2016 in Arts
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Movies are an escape. Now is a good time for a little film diversion, dontcha think? And there are plenty more where these come from.

Words, The (2012) – This mildly interesting tale of plagiarism gone horribly wrong is unnecessarily multi-layered. (2) – 11/20/16

Stranger Than Fiction (2006) – Will Ferrell shines in this quiet gem exploring the weird cosmic connection between an everyman and neurotic novelist. (4) – 11/20/16

Age of Adaline, The (2015) – Harmless fluff about a woman who doesn’t age due to a freak accident and, consequently, continually rejects love. (2½) – 11/20/16

Don’t Think Twice (2016) – Very funny glimpse into the world of improv comedy never appears forced or rehearsed. (4) – 11/20/16

Bottle Shock (2008) – A pleasing, if slight, varietal showcases California’s 1976 emergence as an international viniculture force. (3) – 11/20/16

Up in the Air (2009) – The messy intersection between heartless corporate downsizing, personal loss, and emotional vacancy is powerful and poignant. (4) – 11/20/16

Most Violent Year, A (2014) – Covering one month and barely violent, one man’s struggle to remain honorable in a dirty world is atmospheric and tense. (3) – 11/20/16

People Will Talk (1951) – The unorthodox Dr. Praetorius defends a single mother-to-be and a mysterious man-servant against the narrow minded. (2½) – 11/20/16

Freshman, The (1990) – Like a rare delicacy, every taste of this finely sautéed film is worth savoring. (4) – 11/20/16

Dirty Mary Crazy Larry (1974) – An unmistakable 1970’s aesthetic is pervasive as two felonious gearheads and a stubborn blonde outrace police to the checkered flag. (2) – 11/20/16

  1. rangewriter says:

    Yes, I find myself turning to movies a lot during these long, dark nights. And I’ve been thumbing through the suggestions Amazon & Netflix offer up for my viewing pleasure. I’m happy to have some new material to search for.


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