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dear taco bell

Posted: August 7, 2016 in Traskland
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Yesterday I thought about how much I still enjoy Taco Bell, then remembered I wrote something about this almost exactly seven years ago. It remains accurate.

dear taco bell.jpg

Dear Taco Bell,

Thirty years. Can you believe thirty years have passed since I first noticed your bright, bold colors and your exotic, intoxicating fragrance? Can you believe three decades slipped by since I first experienced that taste sensation which is so uniquely you? Can you believe all that has come and gone since our first casual late night encounter, fueled by a desire (more…)

Ed. Note: In a small, intricately handcrafted wooden box our Trask Avenue archival staff discovered the following letter. Its wax seal was already compromised allowing convenient access to the contents. The letter was written to French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte by one of his most trusted military advisors, Jean Lannes. Among other achievements Lannes was part of the initial group of 18 officers anointed “Marshal of the Empire” by Napoleon in 1804. He commanded French troops with distinction during the early years of the Napoleonic Wars and (more…)

Ed. Note: Recently a large collection of mysterious artifacts was discovered in the attic of Trask Avenue. Periodically we will share what we find. This first entry is a letter from John Ringling (of Ringling Brothers Circus) to a young Harry Houdini regarding Houdini’s audition for the circus in 1893.

My dear Mr. Houdini,

During our recent stop to Coney Island you auditioned for my brothers Otto and Charles. They spoke of your desire to join our traveling circus. You performed for them an exhibition involving an assortment of escape techniques. Otto was especially keen on your exploits. He was mesmerized with your ability to slip out of handcuffs as if they were (more…)