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Of all the hours in a day, the Magic Hour is the one to savor. It is the hour preceding dawn, before your part of the world fully stirs and gets on with business. Streets are empty, traffic light, neighboring houses dark and snug. The sky is a curious mixture of (more…)


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It was a stunning May afternoon when Caryn and I drove to the outskirts of Sedona. Our goal was to hike the Boynton Canyon Trail. Local legend claimed the trail led to the elusive Boynton Vortex, a mystical spot of spiritual renewal and comfort. I was both (more…)


Posted: September 11, 2013 in Observations and Commentary
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Church bells tolled throughout the morning.

For America this is a day of remembrance and solemn ceremony, a day swimming with emotion. Today these emotions clash, tumble and spill together with heightened (more…)

whatever brings you peace

The political climate in America, magnified by the ensuing Presidential election, is such that normally sane, reasonable people now display such rancid bitterness one immediately suspects rabies has entered the house or, even more tantalizing, the zombie apocalypse has begun. The level of dissatisfaction among so many Americans who are and have always been far more fortunate than most of folks currently sharing the planet is in many ways bewildering. Yes, things can always get better. Yet living in this moment, seeking out those small pleasures which gives life its true flavor, appears lost in the ever-maddening shuffle. Times like this bring to mind a quote from Thomas Fuller, the 17th century English historian, who wrote, “Contentment consist not in adding more fuel, but in taking away some fire.”

merry christmas

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Merry Christmas!

Here’s wishing everyone in Blogland and beyond a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful holiday season! Live well, be happy and visit the lonely.🙂

I was humbled when approached to pen a small entry for the Trask Avenue publication and I engage in this honor with an open heart. Those of us in the world peace/free my people business enthusiastically welcome any opportunity to get the word out. I am told Trask Avenue is a blog. I not familiar with this concept, but I understand it bears great similarity to a newspaper except one’s hands do not get smeared by cheap ink. How this is possible mystifies me, but I trust God in his wisdom. As my agent tells me daily, “There is no such thing as bad publicity.”

My son Devdas, a kind soul enamored by the modern distractions, says a blog submission is fine but insists it is only a small step and hardly sufficient. He also urges I engage in something called “Twitter.” This “Twitter” will allow me to spread our important message for the end of brutal oppression as often as we wish through “tweets.” This brings to mind the tweeting morning song of the Mangrove Whistler, along with other wondrous birds which fill our skies. I remind my dear son we have used birds for many generations to deliver messages to distant lands. We write our communications on hearty parchment with the finest India ink. Using a strong, flexible reed we tie the parchment to the bird’s talon and set it free to carry news hundreds of kilometers. Or we use telephones. Devdas wearily shakes his head and informs me with tenderness in his voice that the tweet he speaks of has nothing to do with birds or telephones. Messages are delivered with great haste through a web of unimaginable complexity. Regrettably, I have no idea what he means and my aversion to spiders renders further discussion difficult. I love my youngest son, but he has always been a bit of an enigma.

It is day eleven of my twenty-one day purification fast to aid the controversial Harijan movement. I sit on a plain mat cloaked in a simple dhoti woven specifically for me by a beautiful young village girl of indomitable spirit and enduring generosity. She also brings my daily ration of water and meditates by my side as the sun sinks below the western horizon. I am but a simple man well into his seventh decade and my focus remains fully with the cause. But I would be remiss if I did not mention she has a soul which reveals great purity and a body which inspires great impurity. Her eyes would mesmerize a cobra, if you gather my meaning.

Despite the cleansing simplicity of this current fast I cannot help but notice the relentless heat of the mighty sun which beats down upon the roof of this oNi. The air is heavy with the righteousness of our movement and the stifling humidity of southern Asia. Streams of moisture run down my sides and I regret forgetting my stick of Old Spice back in Delhi.

The night rapidly approaches and I must rest in order to have the strength to sit still for another day. I hope those reading this brief dispatch will understand as a people we do not ask for much. All we want is what any human being is entitled to: a land to call our own, a peaceful existence with neighbors, clean water, and a loving family. Failing that a steaming bowl of spicy potato noodles, fresh homemade chutney, a large plate of chicken tikka masala with a heaping side of tender basmati rice would be most welcome.


Your most humble servant,


Posted: September 11, 2011 in Observations and Commentary
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Church bells tolled throughout the morning.

For America this is a day of remembrance and solemn ceremony, a day swimming with emotion. Today these emotions clash, tumble and spill together with heightened potency and poignancy. Sadness mixed with anger mixed with grief mixed with frustration mixed with loss mixed with melancholy mixed with pain mixed with love.

Today is also much more. Today is today.

Today is a day to hold those you love a little tighter, appreciate your good fortune a little more. Today is a day to recognize the tremendous generosity of those folks who think of you as “friend”. Today is a day to share a laugh and, maybe, shed some tears. Today is a day to move beyond the stilted nods of acknowledgement with the people you often pass by but never speak with and pause for a moment to say, “Hello. How are you?”

Today is a day to look up at the clouds and keep in mind the sun always waits patiently behind them. Today is a day to remember all those swollen rivers, streams and marshy fields are as much a part of life as we are. Today is a day to savor the rich, loamy aroma of the earth and the lilting fragrance of wildflowers.

It is inevitable that on this particular day circumstances prompt reflection. But this particular day also holds a special and wonderful power – the power to push back into our consciousness an appreciation that today, tomorrow, and every day thereafter, deserves singular attention to the blessings of life.

Church bells tolled throughout the morning. Tomorrow they will return to their normal schedule. That’s okay because tomorrow we won’t need reminding that, despite the often difficult and heart rendering trials life tosses at us, we’re forever surrounded by splendor and grace.