slipping away

Posted: October 24, 2011 in Observations and Commentary
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They live secure in our vault where everything we hold dear is ferociously guarded. We understand their importance, their irreplaceability. Make no mistake, we appreciate their value. We know this as instinctively as a hungry child reaches to suckle her mother’s breast. The way we act, what we feel, our perceptions, our jealousies and our fears all possess a direct line to them. Often we close our eyes and drift, opening the vault in search of redemption and cleansing. There, through them, we find the strength to face the difficult times and the wisdom to make appropriate choices.

But we’re an obsessive species. And from our obsession is born a skewed awareness. We trust our vault, but we’ve seen the realities of life. Things happen. Unforeseen things. So, as further protection, we write. We write incessantly in ruled notebooks, on scraps of loose-leaf, in leather-bound journals. We scribble down everything – the textures, the smells, the colors, the heartaches, the joys. We write it all so we can store it forever.

Yet for all our awareness, for all our precautions, the relentless winds of time will out. They will sweep over the mountains and across the plains to arrive at our door, first as a casual visitor until we realize we are faced with the visitor who will not leave. Then someday down the line, as the sun rests high in the sky and birds coo in the trees, our vault will undoubtedly spring a leak and the pages of our notebooks will curl, yellowed and faded. And all those memories we’ve ferociously guarded in our vault, which fueled our feelings and perceptions, will blur and float away like leaves on the breeze.

  1. sparklebumps says:

    That wasn’t what I was expecting from you. You are so very beautiful. 🙂 The picture is gorgeous too.


  2. You have a unique and beautiful writing style. I’m glad we got flamingoed together so that I could find your page.


  3. Wow. I actually went back and read it a second time. I see myself and my past. I wish I could hold some moments and memories safe forever, but I know that no matter how hard I try they are destine to slip away. Memories, words . . . I’ve lost both. Your beautiful words stuck at my heart.

    Wonderfully written.


  4. This was lovely and a little bittersweet. You really do have such a wonderful way with words.


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