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Posted: December 4, 2014 in Traskland
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We moved the summer I turned ten, leaving midtown for downtown. My parents bought an old, weather-beaten, single family house, two miles to the south. Two miles was no different than two thousand. Downtown was a foreign land, much like Portugal or Brooklyn, one I knew nothing about, with weird stores, (more…)

old carousel house

When I was a kid my family would occasionally splurge and spend a few days and nights in Asbury Park, once a thriving New Jersey beach resort. Nowadays Asbury Park is best known as the town where Bruce Springsteen earned his musical chops. In reality he played ferociously up and down the Jersey shore in those days, but thanks in large part to (more…)

The concept of traveling to the past within one’s own life intrigues many people. Possible motivations are limited only by the scope of their experiences. Perhaps it’s a chance for redemption, to not repeat those foolish things which let a special person drift away. Perhaps it’s to avoid a traumatic event, to stay home during that wild blizzard rather than (more…)

They live secure in our vault where everything we hold dear is ferociously guarded. We understand their importance, their irreplaceability. Make no mistake, we appreciate their value. We know this as instinctively as a hungry child reaches to suckle her mother’s breast. The way we act, what we feel, our perceptions, our jealousies and our fears all possess a direct line to them. Often we close our eyes and drift, opening the vault in search of (more…)


Posted: September 19, 2011 in Photography
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I came across this photo in a box filled with old prints and negatives. I completely forgot it existed until I stumbled upon it. I don’t know the circumstances around it. I don’t know where or when it was shot, although I’m pretty confident it was sometime in the 1960’s. I don’t know who the man sitting in the chair is, but I do know the man leaning into the room. He was my dad’s friend, John. He had a long surname with lots of consonants. I only knew him as (more…)