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I began this blogging adventure in June, but didn’t really get into the swing of it until late August. When I come across blogs which have been cooking for years and years and years consisting of hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of posts…well, I’m slack-jawed. To be fair I walk around slack-jawed all the time so that description, while accurate, doesn’t properly characterize my reaction to the perseverance of these noble souls. I just don’t often get a chance to use “slack-jawed” and this seemed as good an opportunity as any. Regardless, I admire the creative persistence of these folks, their ability to consistently post interesting material, their dedication to writing, and so on and so forth, yada yada yada, etc etc etc. So while I may be all slack-jawed, I’m also amazed.

I also realize by all accounts I’m still a toddler navigating my way through the mysterious and intrinsic maneuverings of the Blogland culture. I’m on my feet and walking, occasionally stumbling, but still taking baby steps. (Sorry for the inconsistent toddler/baby analogy, but give me a break. I am still a toddler, fer crissakes.) One evident reality is the preponderance of awards awarded by bloggers to other bloggers. In this way we are very much like Hollywood. We love to shine the bright lights upon our own, only the lights we shine are not on the red carpet, nor are they mounted on top of television cameras broadcasting our mutual lovefest around the globe. Our lights are dim desk lamps illuminating cramped writing hovels where we do our global shout-outs via the interwebs and these awards. Granted it doesn’t generate the same level of publicity as the Hollywood shenanigans, but the intent is the same: “Hey, here’s some cool stuff designated worthy of recognition. Don’t be a lunkhead. Go check it out.” Residuals from increased DVD sales are also missing on our end, but let’s not go there.

I’ve been fortunate to have a few of these awards laid at my virtual feet, as it were. It’s reassuring to know someone out there is, indeed, taking the time and effort to drop in now and then, read my stuff and generously suggest other folks do the same. I suppose I haven’t been a proper “award citizen” as I generally don’t follow the rules of award acceptance such as announcing it on my blog and performing the various other duties, one of which is passing the award onto others. I’ve been remiss.

Today I intend to remedy that. Well, sorta. There will be no awards, no glittery .gifs, no colorful .jpeg badges, no listing this and that about myself or my underappreciated posts. Instead I’ll point y’all to five specific posts by people with whom you may not be familiar. I’m not saying this is their best stuff or even representative of their body of work. I’m simply saying they’re enjoyable and maybe you can devote a few minutes to take a peek. Hopefully you’ll enjoy them too. If you do, think about browsing through their other posts. There’s treasure in them thar hills, my friends.

Oh yes, the disclaimer. My perception is Blogland consists of, for lack of a better word, tribes. We all belong to one or possibly more of these tribes. You know what I mean – a group of people who all read, “like” and comment on each other’s material. I’m not sure exactly which tribe(s) I belong, but I don’t think any of these folks are in it/them. I can say this because I don’t see the usual suspects lurking in their blogs. Whatever the hell that means. What I’m trying to say – and I’m taking the long route here – is if I think of you as are one of my tribe mates you won’t see your stuff referenced below. The clan already knows how wonderful you are. My hope is to cast that lovelight elsewhere. With that in mind start clicking, brothers and sisters!

the wedding gift – jamelah.net

Chew on This – Mostly Bright Ideas

How To Survive A Life Threatening Case Of The Sniffles – Pretty Feet, Pop Toe

Flying cars, feline-revolutions, and reaching 101 – Wandering Menace

Here comes the smolder – the wuc

  1. the wuc says:

    Hearty thanks for the sincere and thoughtful mention, TraskMaster. Tres honoured am I, whaaat.


  2. joem18b says:

    I envy your slack jaw. I’m told that the muscles are always bunching in my jaws. When I try to relax, my jaw just drops.


  3. As the offending blogger who bestowed the award, I am not sure if the intent managed to seep through. Many beautiful bloggers go virtually unnoticed while others have hundreds and hundreds of followers and I can’t understand why. Of course, people turn to blog posts for such a variety of reasons that I suppose it isn’t possible for anyone to understand the reason that one suddenly goes viral.

    That being said, I think your blog fills a space in the ethersphere that is a bit eclectic and thought provoking – award worthy and qualifying for a much deserved shout out.

    As for tribes, or communities, I am so proud of the ones I follow and who follow me. I can count on humor, inspiration, thought provocation, recipes, political open mindedness, and a friendship of sorts mixed wth such gorgeous photography – yours included – that it boggles my mind sometimes that they haven’t been picked up by a magazine or publishing house.

    The beauty of writing is that we can change the words and alter the focus. I applaud the way that you took the award (somewhat) and found a way to make it your own. Perhaps this season you could refer to it as the ‘Trask Five’. Who knows – it could go viral!

    Still proud to be in your tribe.


  4. I like what you say about tribes. That seems true to me and I too don’t know exactly where my tribe is. (Pretty Feet Pop Toe and Mostly Bright Ideas must know, since they’ve both been featured on FreshPressed at least once.) Love your blog!


  5. whiteladyinthehood says:

    Jeans and boots are always fashionable in my opinion – I’ll check out the others, too.


  6. Doc says:

    Dear Slack Jawed John-

    I’m sorry to inform you that I did take the opportunity to bestow upon you the coveted (or overused) Versatile Blogger award. There is a badge, but you don’t have to wear it. I would just like you to prepare a nice acceptance speech and wear the requisite designer clothing to the red carpet ceremony. Thank you for being one of those bloggers I always look forward to reading. I may not always comment, but I am usually lurking in the background.


  7. sparklebumps says:

    I like slack-jawed too..


  8. The Wuc was the first blogger to like one of my posts when I started my blog in June. She’s terrific. Now, I have a few more blogs to follow. Thanks!


  9. Great way to shine the light . . . of, course I love Mostly Bright Ideas and Pretty Feet, PopToe and have been following them both for a while, but I’m thrilled to have three new blogs to check out. If they are half as good as those two, I will be instantly in love with them too.

    Thanks, John.


  10. savorthefolly says:

    I’ve read wandering menace before. she’s amazing. I’ll check out the others. thanks for the headsup.


  11. I’ve read Pretty Feet Pop Toe before. Even before she was FP’d. Yeah, she made it on Freshly Pressed, so a ton of people know who she is.


  12. kayjai says:

    I consider myself a member of Trasktribe…that being said, I had visited the Wuc a year ago or so and she is awesome. She was away a bit over the summer, but I was delighted she decided to return. She is totally hilarious. Thanks for pointing her out to other tribe-mates!


  13. I just checked out Mostly Bright Ideas. The guy is amazing. Will now check the others. Thanks!


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