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The revival of the national gun debate has re-energized failed graphic designers throughout cyberspace. Just when you thought the Presidential election had sapped all their energy these folks have rebounded from November’s muck to grace our monitors and tablets with their amazing PowerPointy/Photoshoppy dexterity! Being nimble of finger and savvy of Google these modern day Rembrandts-cum-Jeffersons have (more…)

You know what’s happened, don’t you? We snatched the exclusive world of superlatives, recklessly threw it into the combustible core of the web, and watched it blow apart in a way that would have made Robert Oppenheimer proud.

As willing participants in this weird alternate universe called the Blogosphere you can’t help but notice the epidemic of exceptional praise for unexceptional performance. (To be fair it extends far beyond our little bloggy neighborhoods.) This misuse of language reaches its nasty tentacles everywhere, much like a cockroach intrusion. You only need to see one to know thousands of similar vermin (more…)

The interwebs are such a rich source for comedic gold. You could easily laugh away days thanks to the creativity of others. Of course the difficulty is finding these gems. Often it’s pure luck. You stumble across a video or a written piece which makes the coffee shoot right out of your nose. Well, I’m here today to save you the trouble of wading (more…)

I began this blogging adventure in June, but didn’t really get into the swing of it until late August. When I come across blogs which have been cooking for years and years and years consisting of hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of posts…well, I’m slack-jawed. To be fair I (more…)

It’s interesting how something perceived as a bad thing for a long, long time can suddenly be reborn as a good thing. This potential for metamorphosis probably gives Dick Cheney the will to live another day. But this isn’t about our bionic ex-Vice President. It’s about the word “viral.”

Before the interwebs tossed our lives sideways nobody, aside from an occasional overly enthusiastic research scientist, wanted anything to “go viral.” Going viral was reserved for those pesky micro-organisms which replicated far too fast to be contained and possessed the power to swiftly kill millions in hideous and horrendous ways. Periods such as the Black Death, the (more…)