the cat that doesn’t blink

Posted: January 7, 2012 in Photography
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I'm looking at you

Meet Boomer. Boomer is a freak of nature, a furry ball of chromosome confusion. He missed a step on the evolutionary ladder or, if you prefer, was intelligently designed by a being with a strong love of the macabre. By most outward appearances he seems typical. He certainly looks like a cat. He certainly acts like a cat. He’s involved in many of the usual cat escapades. Random jumping, purring, nipping, running, playing. He enjoys cat food and uses the litter box properly. Most observers would consider him normal. Except for one thing.

Boomer doesn’t blink.

Oh I suppose he must blink every now and then. You know, to keep his eyes moist and wash away dust and the like. He must, right? The thing is I haven’t personally witnessed a Boomer blink. He gives the impression he could stare down world leaders if need be. Bin Laden could’ve been eliminated far sooner if Boomer was on the case. I’m not sure if his non-blinking is associated with some sort of eye problem or simply a manifestation of his strong-mindedness. However, I know this: it’s the type of thing that would blow Darwin back to the Galapagos Islands.

I'm still looking at you

Boomer doesn’t even blink when you’d expect, when you’d think it was physically impossible for him to keep his eyes open. For example, when having his photo taken using a flash camera. The flash pops and his eyes remain wide open. It’s like he’s impervious to the bright burst of light which besieged his irises. I’ve never seen that in a cat. It’s freakin’ disconcerting. Heck, most humans I know blink at a camera’s flash, even when they’re aware it’s coming. Not Boomer. He simply continues to stare as if nothing unusual is going on, entranced by whatever is running through his distinctly small cat brain. To him a camera’s flash must seem like just another moment on the catwalk.

Boomer lives with my sister and her family which, I suppose, makes me his two-legged uncle. He has a brother (Kimo) and a sister (Peanut). Actually, they are step-siblings since they are not blood related. Boomer doesn’t seem to care. Apparently he’s not into labels. I like that about him.

Yet I am concerned about his reluctance to blink. It’s possible he’s simply playing tough. Maybe when he was a wee kitten he had to deal with bully cats and discovered by not blinking he could get them to step off. Maybe. I’m leaning more towards the theory he doesn’t possess the full complement of 38 cat chromosomes. Ultimately, the reason doesn’t really matter. What matters is he’s got a special talent which, properly cultivated, can come in very handy. The next time I enter a serious negotiation I’m bringing Boomer with me. I’m sure after several hours under his watchful, non-blinking eye the people with whom I’m negotiating will give in just to get the hell out of the room. Wouldn’t you?

And he wonders why I don't blink

  1. rangewriter says:

    I would flee the room within five minutes of meeting Boomer. That just ain’t natural! It is really amazing, though. Great photos of Mr. Eyeball.


  2. Ninja cat for sure!


  3. Beth says:

    he is my baby! not to disparage your exceptional photography skills, but he’s much cuter in person!


  4. sparklebumps says:

    He’s like one of those teddy bears with the camera in them… A spyCam. He must be destroyed.


  5. Doc says:

    Maybe it’s just that Boomer doesn’t trust you. Does he (she?) ever sleep when you’re around?


  6. Make his sniff some pepper and sneeze. I’ve heard you have to close your eyes then or your eyeballs will fly out from the pressure. That would be a cool trick.


  7. whiteladyinthehood says:

    I like Boomer the ninja cat! He is very handsome.


  8. kayjai says:

    Boomer is quite a handsome fellow, I must say. Maybe he’s like an ultra-security cat, making sure there are no intruders and keeping alien invasions at bay….you never know. His unblinking could be a little unnerving.


  9. H.E. ELLIS says:

    This cat may just be the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen. There’s something very, very wrong with an animal that doesn’t blink. Is it attempting mind control?


  10. Never get into a staring contest with Boomer! I once had a cat that rarely blinked and when she did, it was a slow blink as she looked away. As if to say, “I’m done with you now.”

    Great post!


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