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Posted: January 14, 2012 in Traskland
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Winter’s drought is here. Inspiration’s flood is suppressed behind water tight doors. My imagination is cracked and dry. I am a panting dog, a desert wanderer in search of an oasis. Everything has been stripped, locked down and sealed. Nothing gets in and therefore nothing comes out.

Like an escaped POW I make my way through no man’s land, explosions echoing in the distance. I cross the pitted and desolate countryside one step at a time, the remnants of fertile farms hard below my boots. I carefully climb through barbed wire barriers in the hope of reaching creative redemption. The sun is low in the sky, but I’m not sure if it’s rising or setting. Still, I chase it.

No songs play in my head, no melodies come to mind. I am sheet music without notes, a conductor missing his symphony. If my mind were a jazz riff it would consist only of a single drumbeat pounding in rhythm with nothing, percussion with no repercussions, a lone thump rattling through an empty club. I’m a singer with laryngitis on any empty stage without a microphone.

They call it Writer’s Block. I call it annoying.

  1. BrainRants says:

    You’re not drinking enough beer. *hic*


  2. Tori Nelson says:

    Infuriating. I’ve been known to pout and eat my weight in Cheetos while experience writer’s block. On that note, I shouldn’t offer any advice. Just moral support. Hang in there… and try to Flaming Hot Cheetos. Nothing like snacking on cheesy FIRE!


  3. Must be time for rest.


  4. sparklebumps says:

    Damn it. If you are sheet music with no notes, I cannot read you. I can’t play by ear.


  5. John says:

    Like a kidney stone.


  6. kayjai says:

    Hang in there! This too, shall pass…


  7. whiteladyinthehood says:

    Auto topic suggestions for Trask Ave:

    ~ My Tatoo
    ~ Beginner Tips for the amateur Photographer
    ~ Something cool about New Jersey that no one would know about
    ~ How you got your Late Night with David Letterman Hat

    any of those help? hahaha…(I hate writer’s block)


  8. God, it’s spreading! I can’t even think of a comment to type!


  9. What is this ‘writer’s block’? Do a lot of writers live there, or something?


  10. Winter makes everything freeze, even the flow of words. But if this is an example of writer’s block, I’m in trouble. Nice post!


  11. Just relax and experience life. I don’t think we ever write about anything anyway. I think life happens and we naturally absorb it and then spit it out with our unique spin on it.


  12. A singer with laryngitis on a stage without a microphone is my kind of karaoke! I have no doubt that your writer’s block will soon pass, especially since you took three paragraphs to describe it.

    p.s. I hit the like button because I like the visual imagery and not because I like the fact that you have writers’ block.


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