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Posted: January 10, 2012 in Observations and Commentary
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Regardless of what form the higher power takes it does not guide or help us navigate our way through life. We exist in a gigantic cosmic crapshoot with no preconceived outcomes. The future is uncharted until it actually arrives. Fate does not exist, not in the way people describe it. Fate is an abstraction devised to bring order to vast, senseless circumstances. Fate implies a plan. Generally speaking life has no plan. How many people have actually lived the life they planned? We all feel a certain comfort looking back at the road which led us to our current position, then tracing the events. We want to connect the dots and create a nice logical path we can understand and, more importantly, tolerate. As humans we need that reason, that defined purpose, that grand design. But one doesn’t exist. We’re all being whipped back and forth on this speeding, out-of-control ride called Life. We come and go into each other’s madness – enriching, diminishing or simply passing through via shared experiences.

What about Destiny? Destiny is just another spin on Fate. Of course you can claim Destiny played a part in getting that job you love or meeting that special person who fills your nights or buying that winning lottery ticket. But the concept is inherently meaningless because it only allows for the result which occurs. Like Fate Destiny always ends up being what it promises to be – the unavoidable result of multiple events. Unless you believe in a Destiny never realized, the entire conceit is another attempt to rein in the swirling morass of past possibility and mold it into tasty, digestible morsels.

What purpose then does a higher power serve? The higher power exists far beyond the individual. It is a source of unfathomable energy which oversees the universe in total. The higher power sets broad actions in motion and then lets the consequences play out via free will. The higher power looks at all those free will driven events which have disrupted the overall balance then decides which actions to set in motion to re-energize that balance. The higher power is not concerned with good or evil, right or wrong. The higher power is not concerned with individuals. The higher power cares about ensuring free will on an enormous group consciousness level. The higher power could guide, could direct the individual, but does not because to do so would eliminate the beauty of choice and possibility.

If there is no grand plan, no Fate and no Destiny, if life is just a giant crapshoot, where does that leave us as individuals? It leaves us with the ability to choose. Our choices are self-directed attempts to feed inner demons, to accommodate core values we have adopted for whatever reasons. Our choices are nothing more than decisions, neither good nor bad. Who is to say one set of core values is better than another? Who gave one human being the power to dictate that for another human being? Decisions are made with the hope of a specific destination, but never with the certainty of it. Often, they lead to places never imagined. As individuals we live our lives among all this confusion and distraction and possibility, and in the end take the course we feel best serves us. And when trillions and trillions of individual decisions disrupt the balance of the universe the higher power swoops in to correct it.

  1. BrainRants says:

    Catching up here… I have long thought that we all have the choice to direct our own lives and make our futures our own, but often we don’t see the effects now of very small choices multiplying outward into the future – ripples in a pond – and then can’t square the feeling of choice against the outcome of unrealized effects.

    So we invent a higher power to blame.

    I don’t know if that makes us in agreement or not, but awesome post.


  2. El Guapo says:

    Well said. I think the Higher Power swooping in at the end doesn’t fit though. Aren’t you just saying htat whatever happens after the wrong decisions is fate (which you already argued against)?


  3. […] also read another blog about destiny, free choice and higher powers that was nicely written and thought provoking. These are the thoughts it provoked in me. John (the […]


  4. joem18b says:


    I’ve been told that the higher power is just one of many higher powers. He gets picked on by the other powers and sometimes takes it out on us. Needless to say, the higher powers have a higher power higher power, who doesn’t pay much attention to them on an individual basis.


  5. kayjai says:

    Hmmm…fate, destiny, higher power…I’ve always thought fate was a fallacy, and destiny a term people used because they couldn’t explain how certain events came to take place. I’m not sure anyone has an absolute ‘destiny’ nor do I think your ‘fate’ is sealed in any one direction. I think there is a higher power kind of ‘supervising’ the whole of humanity with both wit and ire (because we mess up on a massive scale innumerably) and you need a good sense of humor to supervise this lot. I also think a little ‘divine intervention’ goes a long way…yes, I think we are guided in certain directions at times where we seek guidance…BUT, only when we ask and are looking hard enough for said directions. My three cents….nice post…


  6. whiteladyinthehood says:

    Great post.


  7. Have you ever noticed how hard it is to think of something funny to say when the subject is about ‘higher power’ and peoples’ beliefs? So I’ll just say that I believe if we all knew the source of power we carried within us, we’d accomplish great things.


  8. Interesting, provocative piece… The “unavoidable result of multiple events” has led me to conclude that the “higher power” is a fallacy…


  9. sparklebumps says:

    I hate choosing. I’m a Libra, so I have a difficult time with it… I really just want someone to say, “Bitch, do this!”


  10. I’m with you on the fate and destiny train of thought. I also understand the idea of an unfathomable energy that may not really be unfathomable since everything in the universe is comprised of energy. But a higher power that sets things in motion or works to correct imbalances removes the randomness from your earlier argument. I do believe we have free choice and we are a product of the sum total of our past choices, but I do not think that freedom of choice is compatible with the concept of a higher power.

    I like your post – very nicely written and thought provoking.


    • John says:

      Individual free choice isn’t compatible with the concept of higher power, but when you take the cumulative effects of all free choice it can throw things out of whack.


  11. Whoa. Big schtuff. I’m still back there analyzing your refrigerator…


  12. I can’t say I agree. Who guides the ‘higher power’ when it screws up? Also, I don’t think fate/destiny is a plan. I think it’s ‘default’. You can change it through action, or accept it through inaction, or repetitive action.

    Good post, though.


  13. Now that’s exactly what I’ve been trying to say.


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