shutterbugging in morristown

Posted: April 9, 2012 in New Jersey, Photography
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I took the day off and went with a buddy to Morristown, a small city in northern New Jersey, camera in hand. Here’s a small taste of what we saw.

"Patriot's Farewell" is a statue in the Morristown Green paying tribute to the New Jersey Militia and families whose sacrifices created a strong and enduring nation.

Although it was a very windy day, spring was in the air!

This tree looks as if it is opening itself up for the clouds.

The old Vail Mansion was the center building at the end of the reflecting pond. The adjoining buildings are now residences.

  1. My favorite is the mansion. I have high falutin’ taste.


  2. Nice, thanks for sharing !


  3. I like the tree opening up to the clouds. You have a good eye.


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