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Months have passed since that sadly familiar day when the news was final and the gates locked. Months of heartbreak, tears and bitter reality. Months filled with emotional torture and despair. These were hard months. They were, to tinker with Paine, times that tried men’s souls. Times that tried your soul. Just because a storm is expected does not lessen its fury. And this storm swamped (more…)

A few snaps from West Yorkshire. More to follow in the weeks ahead… (more…)

I took the day off and went with a buddy to Morristown, a small city in northern New Jersey, camera in hand. Here’s a small taste of what we saw.

"Patriot's Farewell" is a statue in the Morristown Green paying tribute to the New Jersey Militia and families whose sacrifices created a strong and enduring nation.


This is the perfect time of the year for the beach. The crowds are elsewhere, not particularly interested in land’s end if they can’t lie on the sand and soak up the sun. Not especially intrigued since the carnival attractions remain (more…)

Spring brings a change in attitude. Some folks feel a lifting of the spirit, a loosening of the depressive chains brought on by winter’s short days and cold weather. Others anxiously anticipate the blossoming of trees and plants, the renewal of nature’s life cycle. Children begin to sense the possibilities of summer and no school. Baseball fans embrace misplaced hope, convinced this will be the season their team finally wins. Everything blooms (more…)