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Posted: September 29, 2012 in Photography
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I belong to Utata, a Flickr group. One of the many wonderful things about Utata is the projects tossed at its members. Among the most enduring of these is “Iron Photographer.” The I.P. concept is simple: the Utata staff selects three elements (two compositional and one artistic/technical) and you incorporate those elements into an artful photograph. How you incorporate them is up to you. The results are always seriously cool and showcase hugely diverse interpretations and photos. Other folks are far more artful than me, but I.P. surely helps expand the boundaries of what one might think to photograph. In this case one specifically refers to me.

The following photos were all crafted solely thanks to I.P. Good, bad or ugly, doesn’t matter. What does matter is that creating the scenes and shooting them were fun. Serious fun.

The current project. Required elements are (1) tissue (2) fruit (3) vignetting

Required elements were (1) small figurine (2) eating or cooking utensil (3) shot from above

Required elements were (1) roshambo – paper, rock or scissors (2) something you wear on/over your eyes (3) cinematic aspect ratio

Requires elements were (1) something liquid (2) a weapon (3) shot in a noir style

  1. They are each unique but there’s something about the ‘noir’ style one that almost tells a story all by itself.


  2. sparklebumps says:

    Oh, fine. I’ll be the one to say it. That man in the film noir photo looks manacingly sexy. In a New Jersey sorta way. 😉


  3. kayjai says:

    Nice work, John. All are great and I like the noir scene as well. Bart is cool though, too…..


  4. I like them all–I like the one of the lovely lady in the mask with the paper strips, very dramatic. Bart surfing over a fire, the colorful tomato “salad”, and the film noir scene—I love the looking through the blinds using the knife, that’s a nice touch.


  5. All are excellent photographs, John. I like the color saturation in the first one and I do love black and white, but my favorite is the Halloween Bart Simpson figurine surfing on a utensil over an open flame.


  6. rangewriter says:

    These shots are all awesome! Great imagination and execution.
    Reminds me of my 2 years on 365 Project. But boy, this stuff really eats up the time!


  7. The noir one is my absolute favorite. Awesome!


  8. These are all excellent. I especially love the noir style. Great work.


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