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I belong to Utata, a Flickr group. One of the many wonderful things about Utata is the projects tossed at its members. Among the most enduring of these is “Iron Photographer.” The I.P. concept is simple: the Utata staff selects three elements (two compositional and one artistic/technical) and you incorporate those elements into an artful photograph. How you incorporate them is up to you. The results are always seriously cool and showcase hugely diverse (more…)

Note: This was written last year as part of a Big Project held by the terrific folks over at Utata. The premise was to write an essay describing where you lived. You could approach this broad topic anyway you desired. The essay had to be accompanied by three to six original photos which supported the words. I wrote a five part essay. Here’s part one. (more…)

I love seeing people just being themselves, going about their business, living their lives. Trying to capture those moments, especially with folks I don’t know, is one of my favorite photographic pastimes. Every now and then I’ll catch a person in such a way that (more…)