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Posted: August 2, 2013 in Arts
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One sentence movie reviews returns for a tenth spin. All the reels can be found here!

Stories We Tell (2012) – Engrossing multi-layered documentary illustrates there is often more than people realize in any family story. (4) – 8/2/13

Auntie Mame (1958) – Larger-than-life socialite is suddenly saddled with raising her nephew in dated, yet entertaining tale. (3) – 8/2/13

Sunset Blvd. (1950) – Oh, the power of brilliant writing! (4) – 8/2/13

Rock, The (1996) – Assault on Alcatraz to capture renegade Marines is a headache-inducing assault on logic and common sense. (2) – 8/2/13

Crazy, Stupid, Love. (2011) – Surprisingly effective comedy gently sneaks into your heart between the laughs. (3½) – 8/2/13

Wrestler, The (2008) – Rourke’s singular turn as a fading professional wrestler slams through all defenses. (4) – 8/2/13

Hindenburg, The (1975) – Bloated offering explodes all over the screen. (1½) – 8/2/13

Big Lebowski, The (1998) – Classic dude tale is not to everyone’s tastes, but there is no denying it ties the room together. (4) – 8/2/13

Jaws (1975) – Seminal shark tale still clamps on tight and never lets go. (4) – 8/2/13

Something’s Gotta Give (2003) – Harmless fluff about an old Lothario finding love with a woman several decades closer to his age. (3) – 8/2/13

  1. One good sentence is all any of us ever need. Auntie Mame! Lol! I had forgotten all about that movie!


  2. John says:

    This was the Rosalind Russell version. Just as campy, but without people busting into song.


  3. angela says:

    some good ones here…thou can never remember if Auntie Mame or Mame is with Lucille Ball… both are fun for different reasons ~


  4. H.E. ELLIS says:

    I loved the one for the Hindenburg. I think that may be the only movie I haven’t seen. I think I need to get out more.


  5. Kayjai says:

    Sadly…I’ve not seen any of these movies. *sigh* I must try…I think I almost watched crazy, stupid, love…then SOMEBODY turned it off and my short attention span kicked in. Crazy, Stupid Me….


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