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Posted: March 10, 2015 in Arts
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Searching for something to watch, but don’t have the time to read movie reviews that drone on longer than one sentence? Look no further! We’re here to help with the latest installment of Shorts! And, if you want more opinions, the entire list can be found here.

Salt (2010) – Standard spy thriller is far more entertaining than could be reasonably expected. (3) – 3/10/15

They Were So Young (1954) – High class modeling opportunities in Rio merely a front for low-fi call girl shenanigans in this wink-wink offering. (2½) – 3/10/15

Captain Phillips (2013) – Hanks confidently steers this powerful and tense, if a bit long, true story of a hijacked cargo ship. (3½) – 3/10/15

Casablanca (1942) – All movies try, but only a handful succeed like this. (4) – 3/10/15

Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) – Hugely entertaining slice of the Marvel Universe is nothing if not grootilious. (3½) – 3/10/15

10 Things I Hate About You (1999) – Teen dramedy satisfies like an entrée of cotton candy. (2½) – 3/10/15

Snowpiercer (2013) – Train keeps a-rollin’ through post-apocalyptic tundra and in your face class warfare. (3½) – 3/10/15

Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, The (2004) – Quirky, stylistic and mildly uneven Wes Anderson film about…well, the life aquatic. (3) – 3/10/15

Foreign Correspondent (1940) – American journalist is sent to warring Europe where he finds intrigue, spies, and love in this superior Hitchcock film. (4) – 3/10/15

I, Robot (2004) – Will Smith in the future outsmarting, outpacing, and outbuffing technology gone wild. (3) – 3/10/15

  1. Sounds like the 40’s are calling to you. Casablanca is a classic!


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