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Posted: November 14, 2011 in Arts
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I love all types of movies and watch the ones I enjoy over and over and over. It’s a bit of an obsession is what it is. In general conversation I’ll often quote lines from films as a way to separate other impassioned filmies from those who merely enjoy a fun movie now and then. It’s an inside joke which often falls flat. And so it goes.

For a while I’ve been considering posting movie reviews here, but I realized long ago I hardly qualify as an expert in judging other people’s creativity, at least with any sort of real legitimacy. Still, I have opinions. So I’ve decided the best way to get my feelings out there about certain films without coming off as a complete boorish snob nose who blathers on about cinematography, editing, camera angles, hidden meanings and the like is to set limits around my reviews. Actually, one limit. All my reviews will not (more…)