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Several weeks ago the lovely Ms. Trask and I took a short holiday 700+ miles due south to the Palmetto State, South Carolina. The palmetto is South Carolina’s state tree and it looks like, as you might imagine, a palm tree. Seeing palm trees in what, to the mild November eye, appeared to be a decidedly non-tropical environment is an odd, though not unpleasant site. The images the uninitiated have of South Carolina may include plantations, shrimpers, marshlands, beaches, and (more…)

A little while back several crackerjack bloggers shared clever and amusing posts which equated states to family and other assorted characters. I believe it started with the delightful H.E. Ellis riffing on her stomping grounds of New England. Then the smart and prolific BrainRants blanketed both the West Coast and Midwest with pithy observations. (I said prolific, didn’t I?) The engaging sandylikeabeach quickly followed with a wonderful breakdown of the multiple personalities contained within her home state of Florida. If I’ve neglected to mention the contributions of other social observers who joined in, I apologize. They say memory is the first thing to go and, all things considered, it could be (more…)