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Posted: August 4, 2013 in Arts
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Street in Venice (detail) – John Singer Sargent

Street in Venice (detail) – John Singer Sargent

A few weeks ago we went to Washington D.C for a brief visit, just a couple of days. You can only do so much over 48 hours, especially when you sleep 16 of them. But despite the multitude of cool stuff within reach, we all agreed to make time for the dual-winged National Gallery of Art.

Museums do interesting things to me. My back inevitably hurts after a while. Blame the slow, aimless meandering. I also experience the same discomfort in malls, the museums of (more…)

Some things aren’t appreciated until seen in a photograph. Like a lot of life they are part of the scenery, on the periphery as we focus on whatever happens to be dominating our thoughts. I’m sure we’d notice a double rainbow or a three-legged cow, even as we concentrated on (more…)