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Several years ago Johnson and Johnson, the enormous multi-national manufacturer, closed a facility located in central New Jersey along the northbound side of Route 1 and sold the 200+ acres to the local township. The township dithered for a long time before finally agreeing upon a plan to construct a new town center on this acreage. Now how you can suddenly create a new town center in a 230 year old township is baffling. Especially when the township is (more…)

Forget running the Boston Marathon. Forget power walking the stairs in the Willis Tower. Forget dashing up and down the face of the Grand Canyon. If you want exercise, if you want to get the old ticker ticking, if you want to burn calories like a fitness arsonist, you need go no further than your local (more…)

Some things aren’t appreciated until seen in a photograph. Like a lot of life they are part of the scenery, on the periphery as we focus on whatever happens to be dominating our thoughts. I’m sure we’d notice a double rainbow or a three-legged cow, even as we concentrated on (more…)

Here we are. The year is quickly winding down and I still haven‘t done 90%* of my holiday shopping. I should hop on that soon, don’t you think? But there’s more to consider other than enforced spending. Britney Spears turning 30. Herman Cain bowing out of the presidential race. My cold hands. I’m telling you, it’s difficult to focus on one thing. When you add that 2012 is less than a month away…well, systems start (more…)

I first heard about Trader Joe’s 5 or 6 years ago. A store opened a solid 45 minutes north of me and was an instant success. I never bothered with it. Whenever one of the converted discovered I had never been a look of astonishment crossed their face. “You gotta go, dude! It’s amazing!” The accolades were never-ending and I thought, “All this for a food store? A food store??”

If praise is constant and consistent a moment comes when you begin to feel as if (more…)