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Any top ten proclamation is bound to elicit strong reactions from anyone who reads the choices. I suspect this list is no different. For example I’m sure lovers of South Park, Family Guy, Cheers and Gilligan’s Island will take exception to this list. And who’s to say they’re wrong? Oh right, me. So without further finessing and meaningless explanation as to why some shows didn’t make the list I give for your arguing pleasure my choices for the top ten American sitcoms of all time.

10) Community – Yes, I know it gets put on hiatus more often than Ms. Lohan violates her probation. Just because it doesn’t have a huge following doesn’t (more…)

Beware the facts!

Occasionally the reality of other people’s lives puts your own life in cold perspective. I was leafing through the almanac yesterday (“The World Almanac and Book of Facts”, 2010 edition), as I’m inclined to do, when I stumbled upon the section which lists celebrities with their date and place of birth. Now the editors of the “number one reference work for facts” (so says Will Shortz) shy away from using the term Celebrity and opt for the more inclusive Noted Personalities. Who these people consider Noted Personalities is (more…)