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Man, the nominating conventions have come a long way from the smoky backroom deal-making days. Those old timey gatherings were ugly, contentious, and vicious. Negotiations were fierce private battles among political bosses and, for those paying attention, intrigue was high. But most Americans – and by “most” I mean everyone not physically at the convention – paid no attention. Communication channels were (more…)

blue bloods

Sucked in like a rube by a carnival barker, that’s what you are. You are relaxing on the couch, minding your own damn business, not paying attention to the dribble spitting from the television, when a tiny niblet suddenly squirms through your defenses and Velcros itself to your consciousness. It may be a (more…)

Your papa never told you about right or wrong…

Did you watch The Sopranos? Admittedly, it was a rough show. It is easy to understand why some folks were turned off by the amount of deathly violence. Seems like if you make a movie or television show about organized crime, it must be peppered with people dying in a variety inglorious and bloody ways. Sometimes it appeared as if (more…)

Any top ten proclamation is bound to elicit strong reactions from anyone who reads the choices. I suspect this list is no different. For example I’m sure lovers of South Park, Family Guy, Cheers and Gilligan’s Island will take exception to this list. And who’s to say they’re wrong? Oh right, me. So without further finessing and meaningless explanation as to why some shows didn’t make the list I give for your arguing pleasure my choices for the top ten American sitcoms of all time.

10) Community – Yes, I know it gets put on hiatus more often than Ms. Lohan violates her probation. Just because it doesn’t have a huge following doesn’t (more…)

I grew up in a decidedly middle class family of decidedly modest means. Like many children I never understood or thought about my family’s financial situation. We always had enough food. I can never recall running out of Hawaiian Punch, ice cream or day-glow French dressing. Our beds were warm and our clothes wholly adequate, although I wasn’t allowed to buy dungarees (yep, dungarees) until high school. Occasionally we would go on a short (more…)

One of the beautiful things about having 7,000 television channels is the variety of restorative opportunities it provides. Whenever I’m feeling a bit underwhelmed with myself, I can randomly switch on the set and find something which immediately makes me feel better about whatever minor internal drama is at play. One example is House Hunters.

If you’ve never seen it, House Hunters is a show where people in the market for a new home tour three houses and then pick the one which is Just Right for them. There’s a visceral thrill peeking in a stranger’s house and watching other strangers decide if it will be (more…)

Our television (named Philip after his manufacturer daddy) is possessed which, while weird, is far better than repossessed. Repossessed would be downright tragic – and totally without merit since that sucker was completely paid for before leaving the store. As our accountant friends would say, “Philip is in the black.”

In the black. They don’t know how right they are.

If Philip is on for a certain amount of time – and that length of time is a subject of debate among his primary viewers – he will suddenly turn off. *Poof!* Silence and a black screen followed by a mad scramble to find the correct remote and get him flickering again, a scene not unlike one you’d witness at the Running of the Bulls.

We don’t know why Philip decides to (more…)