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Fall 1979

Fall 1979

No matter how hard you try, you will never forget that day. You will never forget how the news emerged one piece at a time, slowly at first, and then with a rapidity which was impossible to digest. You will never forget the faces and reactions of the people you were with, disbelief which turned to gasps then to tears then to sobs. You will never forget that the world you occupied, the one a few miles north of the horror, stood absolutely still. You will never forget how (more…)


Posted: March 26, 2014 in Photography
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Weequahic Park - Newark, New Jersey (1939)

Weequahic Park – Newark, New Jersey – 1939

Photographs created using film possess a wonderful mystique. Perhaps because film is firmly, unshakably rooted in the past and isn’t that one of the great lures of many photographs, a glimpse into the past? But unlike their born digital siblings photographs with film origins must always first assume (more…)

The elusive “they” say music is one of our strongest memory inducers. You can hear a song and be immediately transported back to a specific time and place from your life, the details of that moment as vivid as if you had just lived it. It is one of the brilliant powers of music – and one of the best. I know whenever I hear Three Dog Night’s Joy to the World I am once again in the 8th grade cafeteria where the 45 rpm single (more…)

duly noted

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I used to carry around a pocket-sized notepad to jot down random thoughts and ideas, including the vital task of assembling my Christmas wish list, but I stopped doing so several years ago. I’m not sure why. I probably simply forgot it one morning and that was that. Apparently, it doesn’t take much to establish a new pattern with me. I hope I don’t forget to slip into my pants one morning. Now I realize I need to smash that new pattern, which is now (more…)