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Posted: March 26, 2014 in Photography
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Weequahic Park - Newark, New Jersey (1939)

Weequahic Park – Newark, New Jersey – 1939

Photographs created using film possess a wonderful mystique. Perhaps because film is firmly, unshakably rooted in the past and isn’t that one of the great lures of many photographs, a glimpse into the past? But unlike their born digital siblings photographs with film origins must always first assume (more…)


For several decades Caryn’s grandparents owned a chicken farm. They stopped raising chickens further back than Caryn’s memories take her and sold the property about 30 years ago when they retired. I have heard stories about the farm, but never had a chance to see it. So on a glorious Saturday afternoon we impulsively (more…)

The concept of traveling to the past within one’s own life intrigues many people. Possible motivations are limited only by the scope of their experiences. Perhaps it’s a chance for redemption, to not repeat those foolish things which let a special person drift away. Perhaps it’s to avoid a traumatic event, to stay home during that wild blizzard rather than (more…)