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Cosmopolitan magazine recently published an online article asserting “tons of studies” have proven women are better than men at some things, specifically 12 things. Whether the 12 studies they referenced actually constitute “tons” is question for another time, one involving basic math skills. I suppose it doesn’t much matter seeing how math skills were not on their list. What is concerning is Cosmo has apparently taken the perspective that equality is no longer the issue, no longer “the cause”. What was once a noble quest has now become a full-fledged campaign to (more…)

It’s interesting I immediately equate this topic to women. The idea of a “common thread”, at least in the context of this project, implies it is universal to most, if not all, people. However, when it comes to sexual modesty the consideration men might display this characteristic as often as women simply did not occur to me. Perhaps I’ve watched too many sporting events where men have absolutely no hesitation painting (more…)