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It’s interesting I immediately equate this topic to women. The idea of a “common thread”, at least in the context of this project, implies it is universal to most, if not all, people. However, when it comes to sexual modesty the consideration men might display this characteristic as often as women simply did not occur to me. Perhaps I’ve watched too many sporting events where men have absolutely no hesitation painting (more…)

This morning I stumbled upon The Catalog of Cool, a book published in 1982 and purchased around the same time. It was tucked away in a low corner of a bookcase, long forgotten. Edited by Gene Sculatti, a contributor to Rolling Stone magazine in the 1970’s, The Catalog of Cool gives us…well, let’s hear it straight from the editor’s typewriter. (more…)

My friend Tracey crafts wonderful scarves, cowls, neck warmers, and baby hats, among other goodies. She recently asked if the lovely Ms. Trask and the effervescent Red would consent to modeling a selection of her hand-knitted cowls and, if in the process, I could photograph them for her Etsy SassyKnits website. Tracey’s been using mannequins and felt showing ladies wearing her creations was a far better marketing strategy. I certainly could not quibble with that logic. And if I may be so bold, her choice of models was inspired.  Either one of them could make a burlap sack look like the height of fashion. Of course these are not burlap sacks, they are cowls. They’re also mini works of art.

I told Tracey suggesting Ms. Trask and Red as models was a spectacular choice, but using me as the photographer was questionable. I stressed I am not, nor will ever be, the modern day equivalent of Richard Avedon, Herb Ritts or the guy who shoots the ads for Wal-Mart. I’ve never shot anything resembling “fashion photography” and my personal fashion sense is virtually non-existent. She shushed away my concerns, handed me a container of cowls, and said, “Have at it!”

So I went at it.

Please do yourself a favor and visit Tracey’s SassyKnits site to see her entire line of products. Thanks!