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Po-Boy Shop

I am a big fan of the old Polaroid aesthetic. Unfortunately, I don’t own an old Polaroid camera. And if I did film is darn tough to come by, so the camera would probably sit around gathering dust. Much like me on a typical weekend. Fortunately, we live in a time when things like (more…)

Old Point Bar

New Orleans shows the world its bright, colorful face. As well it should. The city vibrates with music and fun and eccentricity and laughter and food. Musicians walk the streets with tubas and trombones poised for action. The oldest continuing running streetcar service in the United States takes people most anywhere they need to go for (more…)

It takes more than a few days of wandering around with a camera to capture the essence of any place. Many people wander for years and it escapes them. I spent a good portion of my recent five days in New Orleans trying to capture on digital film at least a tiny glimpse of what makes this city such a (more…)

We’re spending several days in New Orleans, or as people who think they know what the locals call it but seriously don’t have a clue, N’awlins. So we’re here in N’awlins because the lovely Ms. Trask is attending a conference with her professional peeps. Me, I’m just along for my spectacular company and stellar restaurant scouting skills.

It is my second time in N’awlins, but the first time was so long ago and for such a short amount of time this might as well be my maiden voyage. About the only thing I remember from that previous trip was going to Pat O’Brien’s Piano Bar and drinking an evil concoction or three known as a Hurricane which, in retrospect, may be (more…)