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Your papa never told you about right or wrong…

Did you watch The Sopranos? Admittedly, it was a rough show. It is easy to understand why some folks were turned off by the amount of deathly violence. Seems like if you make a movie or television show about organized crime, it must be peppered with people dying in a variety inglorious and bloody ways. Sometimes it appeared as if (more…)

When we open our mouths we New Jerseyans can be pretty easy to spot. But not for reasons you may imagine. To risk sounding mildly defensive we’re not all like the bastardized versions of the New Jersey vox populi which graces America’s reality television landscape. Despite Jerseylicious, Real Housewives of New Jersey, Jersey Couture, Cake Boss, Jersey Shore and the occasional dip into Seaside Heights by MTV with one of their summer concoctions, most of us don’t tawk like dem. Sorry to report, but we basically sound like you. Unless you’re straight out of central casting for Steel Magnolias. Sure, you’ll hear an occasional (more…)