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I am only a short-term visitor, but trust me: Florida in July is absolutely miserable.

Oh sure, people are friendly and polite and far less stressed than those back in New Jersey. But the weather here is brutal. It is Arabian hot and the humidity hovers around 6000%. Strange creatures regularly (more…)

There’s an adage that says when you do not know what to photograph, photograph flowers. Occasionally a negative connotation is associated with this. As if photographing a beautiful, amazing creation of Mother Earth is a cheat, an easy way out for those who do not have the drive or creativity to seek out something else. What a bunch of horseflooey! I do not say this because today I am “taking the easy way out.” I say it because (more…)

There’s a bit of pre-spring restlessness bouncing about my head. The sky is gray, the air continues to hold a noticeable chill, and buds have not quite budded. Yet I know winter’s end is within reach. It’s right there, just beyond my outstretched fingers. Granted, this New Jersey winter (more…)


Posted: October 17, 2011 in Photography, Travel
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Digging into the archives for a few last glimpses of summer sensations…

These photos were taken in August 2009 and August 2010 on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, in and around the town of Corolla. I hope they fill you with warmth as we head deeper into autumn.