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New Jersey, along with a large portion of the eastern United States, is in the midst of a “bomb cyclone.” Bomb cyclone grabs your attention, doesn’t it? It commands a serious and dramatic response. It also sounds like a new film by Roland Emmerich or an especially potent libation at “The Bunker”, the Pentagon’s underground officer’s lounge. Naturally, real meteorologists don’t call it this. They prefer “explosive cyclogenesis.” For them explosive cyclogenesis more concisely explains what it is happening. Conveniently, it also helps justify debt incurred through years of graduate and post-graduate study.

Weather events like these are very technical, but a winning topic of conversation among attendees of the annual meeting of the American Meteorological Society. Those folks (more…)

Typical single family home

Typical single family home

Rocky Hill is a small borough in central New Jersey, part of the larger Montgomery Township. It is primarily residential. A few scattered businesses, a couple of eateries, a church, post office and fire house also call it home. There is really not much cause to make Rocky Hill your destination, save the restaurants. This is a small shame since the town, though modest, is quite (more…)