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These guys are not trying to manipulate you in any way.

The timing of this topic is simply too sweet to be coincidental. Too. Sweet. Citing examples of language employed to manipulate others, what with it being the sprint to the election finish line and all, is like setting Susie Sweettooth loose in a chocolate factory with a bib and a dream. Just open the door and all hell breaks loose. A quick review of what the candidates have said and continue to say as they grapple for their political lives can be accomplished in minutes, seconds really. Far, far too easy. Surely an ugly underbelly, an insidious subtext, must exist which will blow this whole “lucky” timing thing to smithereens and turn the tables of buffoonery on those who gleefully point out the creative use of “candidate speak.” Perhaps it lies in a rarely enforced covenant of the Patriot Act which allows federal agents to (more…)

Note: This was written in 2003 and certain references may no longer be accurate. For one, I know the senior management team at McDonald’s has changed over the past eight years. So McDonald’s, if you’re cruising blogs as corporations have been know to do and miraculously stumble upon this bit of light-hearted observation, don’t get all litigious on me. I understand (more…)

i’m confused

Posted: November 26, 2011 in Humorous Bits
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We can’t be good at everything. The list of stuff I’m not good at is particularly long and especially amusing. Near the very top sits “Anything to do with home improvement.” I’m not proud when it comes to being the fix-it guy I have more thumbs than the population of China. These are skills I never picked up along life’s journey and, to be perfectly frank, I’m (more…)