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Complicating things is easy. Anyone can do it. It takes no special skills, no formal training. Hell, children master it and they are still in the early stages of development. However, simplifying things…now that is hard work. Boiling situations, problems, tasks, and processes down to their essence and then working to resolve them in a way which is both satisfactory and reasonable is a skill which (more…)

Regardless of what form the higher power takes it does not guide or help us navigate our way through life. We exist in a gigantic cosmic crapshoot with no preconceived outcomes. The future is uncharted until it actually arrives. Fate does not exist, not in the way people describe it. Fate is an (more…)

Have you ever seen a destitute vampire, a vampire so impoverished that he dressed in smelly rags and lived in the dumpster outside a poorly rated Chinese takeout joint? I certainly haven’t. Every single one appears to be well-off, like a trust fund baby grown to maturity. Let’s face it. Vampires may be bankrupt in many ways, but financially is not one of them. They know how to manage wealth. They have to in order to support that kickin’ lifestyle surrounded by hoards of smokin’ hot undeads. You can’t sustain that if (more…)

I’ve been asked by my November friends to alert you about something which has stretched the limits of our patience. They picked me because today, November 15, is my day. Who better to grab your attention than the one sitting in your lap?

With so much focus heaped on last week’s 11/11/11 the rest of us November days feel pretty damn slighted. Because of a mere quirk of the calendar you people treated 11 with a reverence which was frankly embarrassing. Don’t you have anything better to do than get irrationally excited because a date repeats its digits three times? I have to tell you, the rest of the gang – all twenty-nine of us – are (more…)

It’s really too late to write a post. It’s Sunday night. The sun set hours ago and the air has turned decidedly cooler. My eyelids feel the delicious pull of gravity. The weight of the busy weekend sits heavy on my shoulders and I’m yawning almost as much as Michelle Bachmann at a Mensa meeting. The difference is I know why I’m yawning. Potential topics to write about skip through my brain, but they hold as much appeal as seeing Carrot Top in concert. It’s quickly becoming clear I’d stand a far better chance of (more…)