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Posted: April 1, 2012 in New Jersey, Photography
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This is the perfect time of the year for the beach. The crowds are elsewhere, not particularly interested in land’s end if they can’t lie on the sand and soak up the sun. Not especially intrigued since the carnival attractions remain closed and many local businesses stay shuttered. The guys stay away because no girls are prancing about in bikinis. The girls stay away because no guys are looking for girls prancing about in bikinis. All you get this time of the year are the locals and those who love when the ocean is the main attraction, not simply a backdrop for some imagined summer adventure. You can’t help but be humbled by the vastness of the sea when no one is jostling about, making noise and creating distractions.

The air never feels quite as crisp and clean during the summer as it does now. Each gust brings with it an unmistakable briny aroma. Those folks walking the surf or jogging the boardwalk look far healthier than anyone leaving a gym. Just being there you feel so completely alive, so very fortunate to be part of nature’s continuous ebb and flow. Yes, this is the perfect time of year for the beach.

  1. kayjai says:

    We are void of the sand, but we have the glorious ocean…lovely. Too cold for me right now, but later in the season….I will be there.


  2. sparklebumps says:

    I think you ARE trying to convince me to move to Jersey….


  3. I’m cooped up in my office reading this and now all I want to do is go to the beach.


  4. whiteladyinthehood says:

    That was great, Trask!


  5. Well, since I live in Johannesburg, I only get to go to the coast now and then, usually around April. But this year has been a bit too hectic to go. I must say though that I completely undertsand what you mean when you say that one cant help being humbled by the vastness and the beauty of the sea. Love the pic.


  6. mysterycoach says:

    Wow… what an excellent idea. I never go, and I lived down there for a good 10 years, because of everyone from up here (I moved back) crowding everything down there. LOL ! OMG… I can’t believe it didn’t occur to me to go enjoy it in the earlier part of the season before the crowds, traffic and people messed it up.

    In Lavalette they turn the traffic signal lights off in the off season, they don’t need it. 35 is a barren road, no one is on it… So funny, I never thought of doing this. Thanx for the idea 🙂


  7. I totally agree, John. Although our recent move has put us 40 minutes from the shore rather than the 15 we were used to, I still make it to the beach a couple times a month to enjoy the “Pre-season” rush of being alone with sand, wind, surf…and those few hardy individuals who enjoy and appreciate the personality of a winter beach.


  8. I love being the only one on a beach, though it usually only happens very early in the morning or late at night. It’s been warm enough here for our northern visitors to swim, though the water is still too cold for the locals.


  9. Wow! I long to be there! You are so fortunate!


  10. Ahh…sand, surf, no crowds. Enjoy!


  11. H.E. ELLIS says:

    I am beyond jealous. New Hampshire this time of year exists entirely in one color, and that color is gray.


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