Mercy me, the time has come to roll out the next 10 “Shorts” film reviews. What this deal is all about, including all reviewed films, can be found on the Shorts page. Have fun disagreeing! 

Meet the Parents (2000) – Further proof you can wring all the good comedy out of a premise in one movie. (3½) – 4/3/12

Cops and Robbers (1973) – I love Donald Westlake’s books, but their humor gets stolen whenever translated to film. (1½) – 4/3/12

Midnight in Paris (2011) – Paris glows golden in this fantasy about a writer who gets to experience his romantic notions about the past. (3½) – 4/3/12

Social Network, The (2010) – Fincher’s take on Facebook founder Zuckerberg becomes more addictive each time you log in. (4) – 4/3/12

Smokey and the Bandit (1977) – Reynolds was at the height of his fame in this badly aged comedy about beer runners down south. (1½) – 4/3/12

Jules and Jim (1962) – Heartbreaking love triangle beautifully rendered by Truffaut still shines 50 years later. (3½) – 4/3/12

Paper Moon (1973) – Drags a bit, but still cons its way into your consciousness thanks to a young Tatum O’Neill. (3) – 4/3/12

Up (2009) – Seriously, has there ever been a more moving and emotional opening sequence in a movie? (3½) – 4/3/12

Duck Soup (1933) – I guess you had to be there to understand why this was considered funny. (2) – 4/3/12

Silence of the Lambs, The (1991) – Exceptionally chilling story catapulted Hannibal Lecter into the pantheon of unforgettable film characters/food connoisseurs. (4) – 4/3/12

  1. sparklebumps says:

    Wow, the only ones I’ve seen is Silence of the Lambs and Smoky and the Bandit. I guess I’m kinda outta the loop.


  2. Midnight in Paris is my new favorite and Smokey and the Bandit a very old favorite. I must have watched it a dozen times as a young teen. Burt Reynolds had such a killer smile! But Silence of the Lambs is one of the classics and Sir Anthony an all time favorite actor! Great list.


    • John says:

      Thaks. I loved Smokey when I was younger, but I saw it sometime in the past year and it just lost whatever charm it originally had. At least for me. But Sally Field was cute!


  3. Silence of the Lambs will always be one of my favorites!


  4. Only 3 1/2 stars or whatever for Up?!? It is a — squirrel! Where was I?


  5. whiteladyinthehood says:

    ‘East-bound tonight and loaded up and truckin’ – we gonna do what they say can’t be done’…sorry, everytime someone mentions the Bandit I have to sing that song… 🙂


  6. Meet the Parents, Meet the Other Parents, Meet the Fockers, Meet the Cat…ugh, that is one movie franchise I cannot understand.
    I’d rather watch a Police Academy marathon.


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