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The Conduct of the Game – John Hough Jr.

If baseball movies had a batting average it would be about .250. Not enough juice to be an all-star, but good enough to stay in the game. To help baseball filmdom I scout around for stories which could hit a Hollywood home run. This is because I am the studio puppet master, the guy who green lights films the way NFL players herd baby mamas. One phone call, one meeting, one lunch with me and your movie is golden. (And once that first phone call/meeting/lunch happens I’ll prove it.) This novel would be a fine start. It does not possess the nail-biting tension of more conventional sports films. No last minute drama, no death or glory moments. Instead, we visit a more subdued world – minor league umpiring in the 1950’s where the people are the stars. The characters are so well drawn you know them once you meet them resulting in a story brimming with quiet dignity. (more…)

For a while now books have pushed hard against the boundaries of the house, threatening to burst through the walls in search of more space. It’s not the first time I’ve been through this. Most of my life has been crowded with books, although for a brief period I enthusiastically ran in the other direction.

About ten years ago I was possessed with a newfound desire to adopt a minimalistic lifestyle and living space. I craved air and light. I required clean lines and (more…)

The time has come for a decision. What an exciting occasion! What a stimulating moment!

This is a moment filled with unbridled expectation and wild choices. With possibilities. What lies before us is a tableau shining with life and it winks seductively, bursting with promise and unlimited potential. We know our future is in play and we unabashedly love it.

This is a moment to weigh and understand what (more…)