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Posted: December 4, 2014 in Traskland
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We moved the summer I turned ten, leaving midtown for downtown. My parents bought an old, weather-beaten, single family house, two miles to the south. Two miles was no different than two thousand. Downtown was a foreign land, much like Portugal or Brooklyn, one I knew nothing about, with weird stores, (more…)

This weekend’s challenge brought to you by the fine folks at Trifextra. Please give us a creative piece inspired by the photo below. You have two options for word count: you can either give us 33 words or 333 words. Please note: we are not asking for a post between 33 and 333 words. We are asking for a post that is exactly 33 words or exactly 333 words.

(photo courtsey of Trifecta)


Most of us don’t remember our first toy, couldn’t tell you what it was. Most of us have completely forgotten almost all of the toys we had as kids, save the few which stick in our head for whatever reason. But place a long-forgotten, much-beloved toy in our hands and the rush of memories will (more…)