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Generally, I am more decisive than not. I do not look to foist my opinions upon people, nor do I especially want to coerce them into following a path I dictate. But when faced with an abundance of indecisiveness swirling around like a drunken Tasmanian Devil I have no trouble stepping in and making decisions, fallout be damned. (Ha! Like there is ever fallout.) This ability to pick a direction, state and act upon it is not something I often think about, much like footwear. Frankly, my interest in this sort of self-examination is about the same as (more…)

Give people a taste of power, no matter how minor or illusionary, and things will inevitably turn pretty wacky. The combustible mixture of a self-inflated sense of importance and a stunning lack of perspective leads some folks to strap on the Crazy Hat, completely unaware they live in the asylum and do not run it. They need to be reminded a comfortable room with a pretty view of the valley (more…)

What next?
What’s your plan?
Where to from here?
What are you going to do?

We hear these questions all the time, from every direction. They come from (more…)