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Many years ago, I was traveling from Dallas, Texas to Norman, Oklahoma. It was the familiar interstate route, a straight shot north. It was also dull and repetitive, so I decided to hop onto the local roads and find my way across the state border at a new unknown spot, a pioneer in a Plymouth Fury. The Texas blacktop led me through small cow towns where experience told me my New Jersey accent would not be an asset. I double-checked my fuel gauge to ensure I could make it into Oklahoma without (more…)

Give people a taste of power, no matter how minor or illusionary, and things will inevitably turn pretty wacky. The combustible mixture of a self-inflated sense of importance and a stunning lack of perspective leads some folks to strap on the Crazy Hat, completely unaware they live in the asylum and do not run it. They need to be reminded a comfortable room with a pretty view of the valley (more…)

I believe the comic strip Doonesbury is one of the great achievements in the history of American humor and satire. The fact Garry Trudeau has been able to sustain this franchise while continuing to maintain high quality and relevance for 40+ years is nothing short of astounding. I don’t read it religiously as I once did, but thanks to (more…)