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Give people a taste of power, no matter how minor or illusionary, and things will inevitably turn pretty wacky. The combustible mixture of a self-inflated sense of importance and a stunning lack of perspective leads some folks to strap on the Crazy Hat, completely unaware they live in the asylum and do not run it. They need to be reminded a comfortable room with a pretty view of the valley (more…)

Last night Red, the lovely Ms. Trask and I were buried under a myriad of blankets catching up on recent episodes of New Girl. In the midst of this mindless diversion came news that Whitney Houston had died. My reaction was a sadly familiar one: How awful, but not terribly surprising. Of course I was presupposing (more…)

We live in tough times, difficult times. Pressures crowd us with a relentless urgency that often makes it hard to distinguish between up and down, right and wrong. Our path gets riddled with doubt and the muddier it becomes the easier it is to stumble. Our struggles squeeze us so tightly that our spirit fades, our body sags. When Thomas Paine said, “These are times that try men’s souls” he could have been talking about (more…)